Watermark Construction Group is eager to provide pre-construction services and conceptual budgets to clients and their project team members during the early stages of a project.  We understand the importance of providing this early and detailed project cost information to the earliest phase of construction. We strive to be involved early in project development discussions as this early involvement in the project allows us to provide the  construction cost estimate, project schedule highlighting key task and material details, value-engineering input and project management oversight. 

Our early project pre-construction involvement includes the following services:



Our ongoing process of providing accurate project cost estimation at all stages of the project’s design of working drawings is a continuous process. Often revised project cost estimates are required at certain intervals such as conceptual, schematic, design development and construction documents. 

The valuable project understanding and insights we develop from our early project pre-construction involvement allows us to provide valuable input to the projects architectural and engineering design professionals and will support their clear vision as they design the project. 

Watermark CG’s approach is to participate alongside of the project team as the design develops and to provide essential cost information as required. Our project cost values are obtained from our extensive project experience designing previous projects as well obtaining updated pricing from the current marketplace. Our firm’s working relationships with subcontractors and vendors remains strong, and we can rely on their cost input. Attaining reliable and  accurate project cost estimates is an essential component to our successfully managing and constructing a significant development project.



Watermark Construction Group believes in promoting a productive and collaborative discussion with the project team members. Often, when the project budget is being created, input from the construction firm regarding proposed construction methodologies, site organizing logistics and product specifications can be modified to achieve greater project cost value and reduce overall project construction expense. 

During our early project organizing meetings, the construction professionals at Watermark Construction Group will provide suggestions to the project design team to evaluate and to consider further. We understand that all project input should be mindful of sensitivity to the designers of the project and the proposed building systems being specified. 

Our pre-construction value-added discussions will include our performing cost benefit analysis and system life cycle determination. Through our ongoing value-engineering participation, we will enhance the overall project’s design concept, its budget and the proposed project schedule.



During our pre-construction activities to evaluate the project’s cost, we will review the overall project concept and provide the necessary feedback as to the availability of materials and labor force and determine the information required from the consultants to adequately determine a project cost and construction schedule of the project. Our review of the project design documents will apprise the project team on the efficiency of the project construction details.



As part of our pre-construction activities, we shall prepare a comprehensive schedule outlining all key tasks and durations, including project milestones pertaining to final working drawing design, permitting, interim costing information, finalizing project cost, procurement of vendors and subcontractors (with emphasis placed on long lead items), submittal process, approval process, material deliveries, construction activity durations, owner separate vendor activities, inspections, commissioning of systems, occupancy and move in.



Our review of the project design documents will include our commenting on the completeness of the proposed final project documents, code compliance, sequencing and information required for filing for permits, sequencing and information required for bidding vendor and subcontractor packages



We will attend We will attend all required meetings during the pre-construction phase, record meetings and distribute minutes to the project team members.



Watermark Construction Group will prepare project bidding documents and distribute to potential project participants, incorporating the following activities:  

  • Pre-qualify proposed subcontractors and vendors
  • Establish process to review bids 
  • Define bid approval award process. 
  • Create schedule for reports and their timing, including 
    • Monthly cost reports
    • Monthly project status reports
    • Project chronology photographs
    • Cash flow projections
    • Weekly meeting minutes, change logs, submittal and drawing logs
    • Revision logs
    • Weekly updated schedules



TWatermark Construction Group with the input by project team members will develop a comprehensive list of the local agencies that will be required to review and approve the documents and the final proposed project. This list will be distributed to the team members, and a responsibility for action will be assigned to the appropriate member. This action list will be reviewed frequently to assure that all issues are addressed in a timely manner.



Watermark Construction Group will develop a program to effectively communicate the quality assurance requirements necessary during the project’s construction phase.



Watermark construction Group will work with the owner’s vendors, to install and provide such items as telecommunications services and internet data vendors, security system vendors, furniture vendors and movers, and to request to include their input during pre-construction and provide project scheduling information to them. We will assist the team in coordinating the efforts of these vendors as required.